Dear parents of a type 1 diabetic,

First let us say we are so sorry for what you are going through right now. The first few days after diagnosis are the hardest. We are sure you feel like you have been hit by a truck and you are overwhelmed with all the information that is being thrown at you. We promise you, it will get better.

When our son was diagnosed three years ago at the age of 7 we were completely taken by surprise. A simple trip to the pediatrician turned into an ambulance ride to the hospital. It was all so scary. We had questions, just like we are sure you do now. What can he eat? How will we manage it? What will his future be? How will he feel? In the blink of an eye everything changed.

But, we want you to know that it will get better. Your new routine of counting carbs and measuring and giving insulin will become so routine to you that you almost forget about the disease itself in some ways. Our son never missed a beat, and never felt sorry for himself. He is an avid athlete that plays football, basketball, baseball, and swim team. Nothing slows him down. He monitors his own blood sugars regularly and adjusts his food intake as needed. In a lot of ways this has made him a much more responsible and healthy kid.

Of course we wish that our son and your child did not have to deal with this. But there is a wonderful community of diabetics out there who share your pain and offer advice and support. Take advantage of that if you can. Take it day by day and know that managing blood sugars is not an exact science. You will have good and bad days - but mostly you and your child will survive and emerge stronger! Hang in there!


Trevor's mom and dad, Lisa and Brad



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